What we’re doing to keep our women safe

Paddington Works. It works for women. Over the past few weeks many of us will have been following the developments in the devastating case of Sarah Everard’s disappearance. Many women have been particularly shaken by the case because they identify with Sarah, and this has further reinforced existing grief and anger over women’s safety in […]

London’s MedTech boom and the rise of startups in West London

It’s fair to say the lockdown trilogy has knocked traditional businesses across the UK, forcing individuals and businesses to innovate and adapt in order to survive. The culture of startups & venture capital is only growing, and with the current shift in the working world, more people are putting on their entrepreneurial hats and are […]

Take your work outside! Why workspaces need open air co-working this Spring and Summer

Open air co-working is something I think we can all appreciate on a hot sunny day and it’s almost become an essential for us all in our working life to go get some ‘well deserved’ fresh air. With larger companies, like Spotify & Slack, catching up to the trend of co-working and flexible space, more […]

The coolest co-working spaces in London and the UK

As business of all sizes are looking to return to the office, many are ditching the office layout of before and are looking to co-working spaces for flexibility and a unique environment to feel inspired to work smarter. There’s a range of different types of co-working and serviced office spaces around, it’s getting hard to […]

Modular edit suites up and running!

The light, equipment and fresh air people need to record their best work. We’ve launched Paddington Works Production – four editing and recording rooms: LIVE, CONTROL, EDIT and RHODES. These can be connected to create a bespoke suite of spaces. LIVE Our is our dedicated audio recording suite – designed for recording podcasts, voice-overs, vocals […]

The science behind our anti-viral air conditioning units

As Paddington Works gradually welcomes members back post-lockdown, we’re setting the standard for workplace safety We’ve always pushed the boundaries of what an exclusive events and co-working space can offer. We believe the perfect environment for disruptive minds can only be built by disruptive minds. And our response to the pandemic puts this thinking to […]

Design your own large scale meetings… using our Auditorium

At Paddington Works, our light-filled Auditorium can be reconfigured to safely host up to 30 people. Our stunning and exclusive event space in Central London was designed for up to 120 people, 76 seated. It’s become a known destination for conferences and lectures, performances, and product launches. Our aim remains the same, but our approach […]

The Safest workspace in Central London?

How Paddington Works is designing the new normal. As an exclusive space for coworking and events, Paddington Works has invested over £100k on safety equipment and PPE to make our members feel welcome again post-lockdown. As more people safely return to their desks here at Paddington Works, they’ve described our efforts as “exceptional” and “outstanding”. […]
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