International Women’s Day – Inspiring Inclusion: Rose


What motivated you to pursue a career in your industry?

After a deeply reflective period exploring what I love about life, people and experience fell heavily in that bracket. My passions for people, audio and travel have been reflected in every area of my not-so-linear career path, helping me collect skills to serve my current role. Fortunately, fostering relationships and creating experiences is an area of life I enjoy in my personal life, so to be able to also call this my career is a real privilege.


Can you share a significant milestone or achievement in your professional journey?

In my previous life in audio, I interviewed some pretty cool people. As glamorous as that sounds, I would say that my everyday encounters with the people who enter our building have been way more professionally satisfactory! These collective interactions are my significant achievements!



Have you faced any specific challenges in your industry? If so, how did you overcome them?

Being a woman in the audio has presented its challenges. In a male-dominated industry, there’s less of a blueprint to follow as a woman. To carve your path you need to possess the ability to think outside of the box to create that blueprint. Implementing some courage is how you overcome it!




Who is a role model or mentor that has inspired you in your career?

Throughout my career, most of my managers have been women; wonderful people who have shown me what it takes to be a leader. I find that incredibly inspiring!




How has being part of our coworking community contributed to your professional network?

Watching so many women around me excel in their chosen career paths inspires me every day. I have made so many connections from working my role – grateful doesn’t begin to cover it!



What advice would you give to young women entering your industry?

Be completely and utterly yourself. Authenticity is your greatest power! Also, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. If you do, own them and learn from them. We’re only human and mistakes are often the best way to grow.



The campaign theme for International Women’s Day 2024 is Inspire Inclusion. How can workplaces contribute to fostering inclusion?

By creating a safe space for all individuals to freely express themselves, unencumbered in their professional journey.

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