Modular edit suites up and running!

The light, equipment and fresh air people need to record their best work.

We’ve launched Paddington Works Production – four editing and recording rooms: LIVE, CONTROL, EDIT and RHODES. These can be connected to create a bespoke suite of spaces.


Our is our dedicated audio recording suite – designed for recording podcasts, voice-overs, vocals and instruments. Alongside a professional mic selection and the latest podcasting hardware, LIVE has custom-built “suspended” equipment. The combination of a pulley-system vocal isolation booth and a ‘hanging’ podcast-mic rail doesn’t just guarantee a clear, crisp sound. It also ensures the studio is completely wireless — no trip-hazard cables in here.

LIVE allows you to send your audio straight to an SD Card, USB or laptop — or seamlessly carry the signal through to CONTROL, where you can add the final touches.


This space is purpose-built for audio production. The studio features a bespoke studio outboard for shaping and tuning sounds. This set-up allows producers to run multiple sessions simultaneously. With access to high-end professional microphones, all the latest plugins and the digital audio workstation of choice (think Avid Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Ableton Live 10 and Adobe Audition) CONTROL has all your production needs covered.


This is our dedicated visual editing space. Thanks to a three-screen set-up and modular Pallette gear, you can map the room to suit your workflow.

We also provide access to a green screen and flat light along with software including Adobe Suite, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Unity, Blender, and Cinema 4D.


Our fourth studio, RHODES, is named after the room’s stand-out feature: an original 1982 Fender Rhodes keyboard MK II. The suite offers a space to edit, create, record independently or CONNECT with our other suites.

RHODES also features our unique floating vocal booth, allowing artists to record vocal takes with full control over the sound. We also offer full access to Logic Pro X + Ableton Live 10, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve + Adobe suite, Unity, Blender + Cinema 4D.

Each room features circadian lighting, soundproofing and antiviral air circulation systems that eliminate 99.97% of airborne viruses in seconds and filters clean air into the studios every 18 minutes. We even have studio engineers on-site and a Nespresso in the kitchen for those marathon recording and editing sessions.

Our rates and prices

Our PW Production studios are available to book per hour or per day. We offer a discounted rate for full members, and we offer non-members the option to purchase a flexible membership package for £100 that gives them 10 credits per month.

To find out more about our membership options or to book a tour, please email

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