Take your work outside! Why workspaces need open air co-working this Spring and Summer

Open air co-working is something I think we can all appreciate on a hot sunny day and it’s almost become an essential for us all in our working life to go get some ‘well deserved’ fresh air.

With larger companies, like Spotify & Slack, catching up to the trend of co-working and flexible space, more and more people are turning to workspaces like Paddington Works for their employees to continue remote working, rather than returning to a traditional, rather outdated, corporate office.

This means for some, their workstation, desk, meeting space, can even take the form of a laptop & deckchair as we head towards the warmer months.

However, ’pop-up style’ open air co-working is only as powerful as the internet speed, and that’s why our super-fast internet is accessible for PW members even in the large open garden. That means you can still work optimally while getting the important health benefits of natural sun light and fresh air.

We’ve incorporated both of these elements into the main co-working and private studios around the internal building. Adaptive circadian lighting that follows your body natural clock, changing the hue throughout the day to maintains that you’re working optimally. Our bespoke air socks which, in short, brings 25% more fresh air into Paddington Works compared to other commercial spaces.

If you want to read more about our clever air – here’s the link

Being heavily focused on health & wellness, it’s amazing for us to offer this liberating way of working to all our members. Outdoor events & member classes like Yoga & Pilates with our amazing partner Sam Hamilton. Or even if you just need a place to chill, the garden acts as an alternative breakout space just next to canal.

It’s important for co-working spaces to adapt and offer alternative working solutions, and an outdoor workspace is definitely something they need to shout about.

So, grab a deckchair and get some work done in the sun with access to our super-fast internet, even in the garden!

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Featured image courtesy of  Jack Hobhouse

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