International Women’s Day – Inspiring Inclusion: Adrianna


What motivated you to pursue a career in your industry?

I have always been interested in medicine and the sciences dabbling in various roles throughout the industry. I love connecting medicine to change and making science accessible whilst also interacting with a range of people in my day to day with diverse backgrounds and experiences.


Can you share a significant milestone or achievement in your professional journey?

Moving to London in 2020 for my Master’s was definitely a big achievement. I knew I wanted to shift my career a bit from what I was doing in the States. Somehow I landed on an option that meant uprooting my life and moving to a different country where I knew about 1 person, but I wouldn’t change it at all. It has been such a turning point in my professional journey and continues to be an exceptional experience



What advice would you give to young women entering your industry?

Know that your input and knowledge are valid, relevant, and important.

I found myself in many rooms with people (majority men) who had more experience than me, which definitely gave me a bit of imposter syndrome. It took some time to get used to, but I had to remind myself that I came from my own unique background that provided me with my own perspective that was important and integral to the work I was doing. I may not have always been right but sharing that perspective allowed me to share my voice, learn more, and grow in my role.

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