The science behind our anti-viral air conditioning units

As Paddington Works gradually welcomes members back post-lockdown, we’re setting the standard for workplace safety

We’ve always pushed the boundaries of what an exclusive events and co-working space can offer. We believe the perfect environment for disruptive minds can only be built by disruptive minds. And our response to the pandemic puts this thinking to the test.

Inspired by the Biotech and Medtech startups in our building, we’ve turned to the latest tech to tackle social-distancing and sanitisation challenges. Combined with unbeatable ‘white glove’ service, we’ve completely re-engineered the Paddington Works experience with safety measures centre stage.

And integral to our ‘new normal’ strategy is an innovative approach to air.

25% more fresh air compared to other commercial spaces

Paddington Works believes that fresh air gives great teams and their ideas… well, the oxygen they need to thrive.

Long before the pandemic, we installed an air circulation system throughout the entirety of the building. This unique set-up is completely customised to our premises. There’s an ‘air sock’ in every single meeting room, studio and communal area. This brings at least 25% more fresh air into Paddington Works compared to other commercial spaces.

And it gets better. Over lockdown, we invested in over 63 Phillips Air Purifiers. We’ve placed one in every single enclosed space in Paddington Works.

These state-of-the-art air sanitisers are specifically engineered to eliminate invisible pollutants. Using smart sensors, they automatically detect and remove all major air pollution threats. All particles. All harmful gases. All allergens.

Triple filtration down to 0.0003 microns

Each air purifier has three distinct filters.

The first catches larger particles like dust, hair and pollen. The second uses in-built activated charcoal to remove harmful gases (and — added bonus! — all unpleasant odours). Finally, the NanoProtect HEPA filter captures any ultra-fine particles. Down to 0.003 microns. That’s literally thousands of times smaller than bacteria.

This superior triple filtration boosts the clean air delivery rate (CADR) too, to a massive 400 m3/hr.

But you don’t need to take our word for it. Anyone at Paddington Works can easily identify the air quality in any room. Just check the simple colour-coded system displayed on the top of each purifier.

Fresh air every 22 minutes

Combined with our in-built air circulation system, the best-in-class 3D filters can eradicate a massive 99.97% of airborne viruses and allergens in rooms up to 104 sq m, and quickly.

In a room of around 20 sq m — like some of our studios — a complete atmospheric clean takes just 8 minutes. But no matter where you are in Paddington Works — even our large auditorium — you’re breathing fresh, safe air every 22 minutes. Guaranteed.

Equipment usually found in operating theatres

During lockdown, we spent over £100k redesigning Paddington Works to create one of the safest places to work in Central London.

In addition to air purifiers, we’ve installed equipment usually found in operating theatres. Anti-viral air conditioning units. Eco-friendly SaniSwiss foggers. Innovative social-distancing directional flow mechanics. WHO-approved sanitisation and sterilisation strategies. Increased cleaning routines. Even personalised PPE packs.

One member described our ethos and commitment as “above and beyond”. Another even commended that Paddington Works is “cleaner than an operating theatre”.

As well as reducing the risk of coronavirus, we believe that breathing clean air is essential for keeping your cognitive state optimised. Find out what else we’re doing to make Paddington Works safe by requesting a brochure. Please contact

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