5 Benefits of Having a Podcast Studio in a Coworking Space

Everyone and every business appears to have a podcast. We know it benefits your brand and, in case you missed the memo, the marketing team is itching for you to start. At Paddington Works, we have a state-of-the-art, soundproof podcast studio with everything you need to record your podcast whether you’re an established broadcaster, or just getting started. But having a Podcast Studio in a coworking space offers some surprising benefits that you may not have thought of, for both podcasters and the coworking community. Here’s why:
Text: Podcast Studio in a coworking space reasons. 1) It’s cheaper and higher quality.

Sounding great is a pricey endeavour. Luckily, we’ve kitted out our studio with an incredible tech spec so all you have to do is focus on the content. Shure SM7b microphones, Cloudlifters, adjoined CONTROL room, above industry standard mixing desk and every recording software you can think of, comes as standard with our studio hire. Setting up your own studio is time-consuming, costly, and you can’t guarantee you’ll get it right, so start out sounding professional at Paddington Works Production instead.

It’s convenient

Starting a podcast can be more complex than it can first appear, but having an accessible place to record within your coworking space makes the production side of the process easy. That’s why having a Podcast Studio in a coworking space is so useful. Whether you choose to record it yourself or hire some help, everything will be set up and ready to go so that you and your guest(s) can podcast with ease.

There’s opportunity to collaborate.

We love seeing our members chatting over a coffee in the kitchen or bonding in our breakout spaces. Paddington Works is a place of community where career-enhancing conversations happen organically; so what better way to solidify those relationships than to cross-promote on a podcast?

Podcasters can feature fellow members as guests, embark on joint projects, and amplify each other’s content all under the same roof!

You can utilise the rest of the coworking space.

Podcasting is more than just audio content. As the industry expands, and your podcast grows, why not extend the podcast experience outwards? Host live podcasts in our Auditorium, hire a meeting room to brainstorm ideas on content or book a day pass and use our breakout spaces to get some press-worthy headshots. Our Paddington Works building along with Paddington Works Production has been intricately designed to support productivity and workflow so you know you’ll be getting quality work done while you’re here.

It’s waaaay more fun than Zoom

Now that we can enjoy the experience of having an in-person conversation! A clunky internet connection makes for a poor recording and a staggered conversation, so bring your guest(s) in for a memorable experience where our friendly staff are always here to help, or you fancy a tea or coffee!

Book now by emailing Rose at podcasts@paddingtonworks.com

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