Design your own large scale meetings… using our Auditorium

At Paddington Works, our light-filled Auditorium can be reconfigured to safely host up to 30 people.

Our stunning and exclusive event space in Central London was designed for up to 120 people, 76 seated. It’s become a known destination for conferences and lectures, performances, and product launches.

Our aim remains the same, but our approach has changed.

We’ve recently reimagined our Auditorium to keep your meetings going throughout the pandemic. As restrictions ease, we’ve invested over £100,000 in upgrades to make Paddington Works one of the safest workplaces in Central London.

Designed by disruptive minds, for disruptive minds

Listening to our members, we’ve transformed the Auditorium into a large-scale socially-distanced meeting space – unique in combining world-class safety measures with uncompromised tech and design features.

Everything is bespoke and designed for versatility. Paddington Works auditorium can now host a maximum of 30 people, lecture-style, or be rearranged in any number of more relaxed ways thanks to imaginative pull-out desks.

To keep everyone safely apart, cushions can be placed to dictate positions. Any arrangement is possible — and practical — thanks to additional power-sockets at every level of the stadium-style seating.

We describe our auditorium as a ‘white label space’ because it’s exactly that. It’s a blank canvas that’s engineered to flex, allowing our guests to brand the space without compromising safety and comfort.

Fitted with the only WHO-approved air steriliser machine

The auditorium already benefits from natural light and direct street access, removing the need for guests to pass through the main building. In addition, we’ve boosted our integrated air circulation system with air conditioning units and a WHO-approved eco-friendly SaniSwiss air sterilising machine. We’ve also added a large state-of-the-art Philips HEPA Filter Air Purifier.

Huge floor-to-ceiling windows keep things bright but can be closed for privacy thanks to black-out blinds and back-panels. These adjustments, combined with supplied microphones and German-engineered sound shields on the walls, also allow for unprecedented acoustic control.

Four-metre projector screen ready to plug and play

We’ve set up our enormous four-metre  screen ready for video-conferencing, presentations, webinars, or for dialling in anyone working remotely. Just bring your laptop, and our on-site IT team can help with the rest.

Paddington Works can supply individually-wrapped refreshments from select local suppliers. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options all come as standard. Thanks to the auditorium’s direct access to the street outside, fresh refreshments can be delivered with minimum disruption.

The best way to appreciate these changes? Ask us for a (socially distanced) guided tour

The photographs show the space, but fail to capture the many unseen measure’s we’ve taken: from increased cleaning routines to mirrors on stairs; from traffic-light systems to self-sanitising copper surfaces; from circadian lighting on movement sensors to personalised PPE ‘care wear’ goody-bags.

Paddington Works is home to some of the leading startups in Medtech and Biotech. We’ve listened to their requests and acted on their ideas. Needless to say, having access to feedback from these members gives us a huge advantage over other coworking spaces in London.

If you’re considering hosting a meeting or event, book a quick tour of Paddington Works and see for yourself. Contact For Paddington Works Production (live recordings, editing, podcasts) please contact

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