International Women’s Day – Inspiring Inclusion: Hayley



What motivated you to pursue a career in your industry?

Originally I wanted to be a website designer or developer but was unable to study in this area. I decided to enter into marketing due to the creative and logical approach and the opportunity to still work in web and creative.


Can you share a significant milestone or achievement in your professional journey?

Joining Pixeled Eggs as Marketing Director, having been our client I got the opportunity to work with people I loved and tell the story of some amazing causes and market something I had a passion and understanding for.




Have you faced any specific challenges in your industry? If so, how did you overcome them?

Imposter syndrome and self-doubt played massively in my mind (and still does). Coaching, great managers, insightful resources (books and podcasts), a good support network and journalling helped me understand myself and value more.

Putting myself out there and growing my confidence through courage and a good support network. Being kinder to myself, recognising achievements and learning from challenges.




How has being part of our coworking community contributed to your professional network?

Paddington Works is friendly and welcoming, the regular well-being activities from arranged socials, lunch & learns have been great, and I’ve been able to meet peers and connect with fellow B Corps.




What advice would you give to young women entering your industry?

Build your network and community, engage and attend events, don’t chase a title and do something that gives you joy.




The campaign theme for International Women’s Day 2024 is Inspire Inclusion. How can workplaces contribute to fostering inclusion?

Inclusivity is more than a buzzword, and more than the right thing to do, an inclusive workplace allows everyone to be their best self. Inclusivity means playing your part from allyship to championing better ways of working such as accessibility needs and understanding these can be situational, through to LGBTQ+, well-being. etc. It’s about making sure everyone feels welcome and supported.

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