Meet Paddington Works Production’s Audio Coordinator!


Hi, my name’s Rose Gaskell, and I’m Audio Coordinator at Paddington Works Production and Member Relations at Paddington Works!


Audio is a traditionally male-dominated industry, so I feel truly excited not only to be part of a female-only team a Paddington Works but to be looking after the audio part of the business!


I started my career in radio fresh out of university where I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism. Interestingly, I applied for the job through Facebook, within a group called Sound Women- a networking group that supports women working or looking for roles in audio. After a year-long stint as a presenter and broadcast journalist, I took three years out of audio, splitting my time between travelling the world and dabbling in a variety of industries including teaching, customer services, tourism and admin before jumping back into radio ad operations and freelance podcast editing.


Working from home 5 days a week in my previous role without much interaction with people proved to be tricky for me, so I decided to explore my skills in co-working. I took a Friday off, journeyed to Paddington Works, handed my CV to my lovely (now-colleague) Rosie and accepted the role the following Tuesday! I started at Paddington Works as Front of House and Member Relations and after three months moved into running the production studios as Audio Coordinator too. It’s been an incredibly fulfilling journey, both in my personal and professional development.


We are incredibly proud to be an all-female team here at Paddington Works which feels particularly profound on International Women’s Day. Individually, I take strength and encouragement from that knowledge, as well as appreciating that as a team we all have a mutual understanding of how hard we have had to work for opportunity collectively as women. We empathetically learn from each other in our struggles as well as feel empowered by how our team have overcome those trials.


I think it’s important to encourage more women to pursue senior leadership roles in their careers and I think the way to do that with the biggest impact is through mentorship. Knowing that paths have been paved before you is inspiring. It’s always more difficult to see the road ahead when you have little blueprint for how you get to where you want to be. Following the same process as your mentor could be regressive, but even just the knowledge that a shared goal has been achieved is fuel enough to find your own way there, and any tips along the way will speed that process up!


My best advice both personally and professionally is to advocate your worth. In a professional setting, this would be finding out what your strengths are, developing them, and cultivating jobs within your role that demonstrate them. Never be afraid to ask for resources or help to allow your strengths to shine through.


Happy International Women’s Day!

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