London’s MedTech boom and the rise of startups in West London

It’s fair to say the lockdown trilogy has knocked traditional businesses across the UK, forcing individuals and businesses to innovate and adapt in order to survive.

The culture of startups & venture capital is only growing, and with the current shift in the working world, more people are putting on their entrepreneurial hats and are successfully scaling new startup businesses that are not only surviving, rather, thriving!

Westminster and the surrounding areas of West London has been home to numerous startups well on their way to achieving the ‘Unicorn’ status for a while now and this number is only expected to rise as we see lockdown restriction ease throughout the country.

Startups and co-working spaces are becoming synonymous with each other, In some cases, you can identify the strength of the workspaces based on the success of the business that inhabit the space.

Paddington Works is home to various disrupters who are constantly expanding and need a workspace that can be flexible and help them to grow.

Propeterra, a very cool PropTech startup, are an example of why startups need a flexible space that can help them scale, fast! In less than a year Propeterra went from a single desk, to a two… then four, and are already outgrowing their latest studio space here at Paddington Works (eyeing up that nice 12 man in the corner I see…) Propeterra are discovering the emerging markets of tomorrow, today. For ‘Property Developers, Homebuilders, Family Offices, Property Funds, Social Impact Investors and Pension Funds’. Check out some of the emerging markets on their platform.

Another innovative company who are part of our workspace community is Enso Tyres. Their mission is to create sustainable tyres for electrical vehicles that improve performance while reducing the impact of tyres on the environment. An ‘ENSO’ in Zen Buddhism is ‘a hand-drawn circle, symbolising strength, elegance, and the circularity of nature.’ They’ve recently signed HRH The Prince of Wales’s Sustainable Markets Initiative, The ‘Terra Carta‘, Which is amazing! Part of why we identify with Enso’s ethos, is they share Paddington Work’s same sustainable approach to a green future. Our workspace has certified 100% clean energy.

The Startup sector is expanding and at Paddington Works we want to help you & your business and be part of your success story.

Covid-19 has had a dramatic effect in MedTech. If there wasn’t a bull run before, there definitely is now, and with Paddington Works strategically located a stone’s throw across the canal from St Mary’s Hospital, we are ideal for MedTech Companies who need flexible space in West & Central London. We’d like to spotlight a couple of our members who are working wonders (no pun intended) in the medical sector.

Wondr, who at the time of writing this, have 21,483 educational videos (and counting), across medical topics such as Coronary Interventions, Cardiac Electrophysiology and Medical Oncology. Wonder medical are an exciting medical content platform who started here in our space with two hot desks and have quickly expanded to more than 30 in just over a year! They’ve really made the space their own, with clever art prints depicting the origins of different medicine and practice. Wondr Medical is your platform to connect with the world’s medical professionals.

Another member in the MedTech field is Dr Umar Ahmad who’s developing solutions to some of the biggest problems in medicine through AI. Abtrace are changing the way clinical decisions are made, using artificial intelligence that supports doctors who have to make these difficult decisions on a daily basis. Their amazing work is solving problems from selecting correct antibiotics, correctly interpreting vast data bases and helping make critical choices, like whether an invasive test is necessary, more accurate.

And what is it all these growing companies have in common? A supportive Co-working community at Paddington Works. If your company is looking for a flexible workspace to grow into,

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